Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Facts To Know About Diet Pills That Work

You have most likely already seen a lot of advertisements when it comes to diet pills. Whether it’s on the television, the newspapers, or your favorite magazine the message of these advertisements is always the same “why be in a diet program or do hard exercises when you can simply take a pill that will help you get rid of your body fat?” Before you do cross that fence though and actually buy these diet pills for yourself, you should read this whole article first and learn more what you can expect when it comes to them. This article will help you understand some facts about these diet pills in the market today so that you can finally decide whether or not these medications are indeed the solution that you are looking for.

Fact number one: popular diet pills usually need prescription

Before you go out to your local drugstore and actually try to buy one, you should consider first which particular diet pill will you be buying and know if you can get it without a doctor’s prescription. Xenical a drug that is generically called orlistat has become famous all over the world, but in the U.S. it is a product that is strictly controlled by the FDA and you will only be able to buy one if it has been prescribed to you by a doctor. The same goes for the drug called Meridia as well. If you think about it though, it really would be best to consult your doctor first so that you would know if you are indeed a good candidate for these diet pills. Your doctor would know if there are some medications that you are already taking that may become harmful to your health if taken with these pills.

Fact number two: Over the counter diet pills really do exist

There are indeed some over the counter diet pills that you can easily purchase at any drugstore. You should know though that just because they can be bought without a prescription does not mean that it is perfectly safe to use them. Some of these drugs still do come with risk. One of the risky components that has been used for diet pills is PPA or phenylpropanolamine. Although now used in very minimal proportions, this particular substance has been proven to increase the risk of cancer.

Facts and effects of some dietary drugs you should know·        

  •  Bitter orange – this diet pill has the risk of increasing your blood pressure
  •  Chitosan – upset stomach, gas, and constipation may occur as a side effect
  • Chromium – this particular drug is known for side effects like headache, irritability, and mood swings
  • Green tea extract – Can cause insomnia and dizziness.           

As you can see, it would be best for you to decide on a particular medication first and research about it so that you would be ready for the side effe
cts that it can cause you. Your doctor will definitely be able to help you a lot so that you can easily narrow your options and so that you would know which might be the best medication for your situation.

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